A self-evolving cryto network with organic and viral growth. Join our social media community on Telegram, Discord, Twitter, and Reddit.


Bilateral economic engagements to maximize resource allocation efficiency. Trade FREED on Southxchange, BTCPOP, Patriot Exchange, Exchange Assets, and Freiexchange.


Project Launched in 2016

Successfully launched in 2016 as TrumpCoin.

Initial Push and growth

The chain is expanded into v.2 and supply increases from 6.6 million to 18 million.

Finding our stride 2016-2022

We got listed on Southxchange, Patriot Exchange, and many others. We will keep growing our community and spreading our message of personal Freedom and alternative payments outside the banking system.

Rebranded (2022)

We successfully rebrand from "TrumpCoin" to "FreedomCoin", our community will continue support individual liberty around the world unapologetically.

Beyond block 3 million

As our block ages and our users expand. We will be implementing the shielded transactions baked into our PIVX code. This will be the first step to full privacy of your transactions.

Systematic network expansion (2023-2025)

Establish FreedomCoin as an accepted means of payment worldwide.