Urgent Wallet update needed (10-14-2022). Attention Patriots, Our wallet software has again been updated by our development team and it is a MANDATORY upgrade to version 5.3. All Transactions in older wallet software versions will not be valid and you must use our new V5.3 and reload the blockchain or use our bootstrap. Please visit our Github (On the website) and upgrade to version 5.3.0 ASAP.
A CryptoCurrency created by Patriots for Patriots WorldWide

The FreedomCoin Patriot loves Freedom, God, Family and feels a sense of pride in contributing to society. They stand up against corruption, support integrity, preserve our individual rights in a free society and respect those flags around the world that represent freedom. Our Patriots have sacrificed their time, energies, careers and their lives for the good of all people.

3 Advantages of FreedomCoin

Community driven & Launched in 2016

All coins are privately purchased and owned meaning each coin is fairly acquired based on your stake in our “Proof of Stake” blockchain design. Every new coin minted goes to a dedicated Patriot that holds coins in either a staking wallet or Patriot Node. Each Node operator contributes to the security of our blockchain.

Block reward split

Our current block reward is 3 coins per block per. Our average block time is 1 minute. The reward is split between our Patriot Node Owner (70% or 2.10 coins per reward) and the coin staker (.90 Coins per Stake). 1440 blocks per day, which means you get rewarded and ROI increases dramatically with coin price increases. Note : You must use our wallet software from our website to become an active staker or Node operator.

The World’s best P2P Payment System.

Holders can send coins to others with the lowest fees in crypto, send 1000's of dollars to friends and co-workers for fees so low there is no measurement. Our confirmation times are less than 1 minute on average meaning you are paid faster with FreedomCoin! These super low network fees and super fast confirmations are unmmatched in any other cryptocurrency. Less fee's equals more funds saved for our holders.

The RoadMap

Project Launched 2016

After a successful Launch in 2016 as (TrumpCoin), the blockchain has grown and is currently at block 1765739. Many thanks to our early founders who had the vision to launch a community driven coin before they were cool.

Initial Push and growth 2016 - 2019

Launch is complete and the chain is expanded into v.2 and supply increases from 6.6 million to 18 million where it is today. We continue to find motivated admins to help us move FreedomCoin to new exchanges and venues.

Finding our stride 2016-2022

Our dedicated WorldWide Patriots continue to support our grassroots crypto project, giving our coin users easier access to buy, sell, and trade our crypto. We are listed on the Patriot Exchange (Oct 2021) and continue trading there along with our many other globally distributed exchanges. Our most active exchange today is southxchange.com. We will keep growing our community and spreading our message of personal Freedom and alternative payments outside of the corrupt banking system we live in today. Patriots around the world will demand to be paid in FredomCoin.

FreedomCoin is Unstoppable! (1776 - 2022)

After our rebrand from "TrumpCoin" to "FreedomCoin" we keep trucking like nothing changed, our community will continue supporting individual liberty everyday! We will never apologize for putting Freedom first and never bending our values to those that do not have any.

FreedomCoin beyond block 3 million

As our block ages and our users expand. We will be implementing the shielded transactions baked into our PIVX code. This will be the first step to full privacy of your transactions. For now we want full transparency on the minting of the coins and building our brand along the way.

Features of FreedomCoin

We burned all of our energy to develop a fully functioning quality crypto. Many thanks to all our patriots that have made this possible.

Wealth Calculator

FreedomCoin value (0.03659292987) is as of: 2022-11-26 11:53:26 US Mountain Standard Time

100% of all coins are circulating and available to everyone

FreedomCoin is available for purchase from our many exchanges listed on our website. Please visit our friendly admins in Telegram for assistance joining our amazing WorldWide community of Patriots.


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