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Prince Salimz of Africa is setting up his own local economy using Trumpcoin. He puts in a ton of effort. The Trumpcoin community supports him 100%. He is setting everyone up with Quickwallets and showing them how to transact with each other.

- January 7th, 2022

I am so thankful for this team! I am new to this and when I sent my coins from quickwallet to my desktop I lost them! I asked for help in telegram and Vegas offered to help me. After working for a few hours he was able to recover my coins! I am so thankful for his help, his time, his knowledge, and most importantly, his honesty and trustworthiness! I am so thankful for all the help and for being able to be apart of a project that is about more than just money, its about freedom! God Bless all of you!

- December 3rd, 2021

I am a hard working American who loves God and my country, I don't have much money but I want a better future for my kids. I decided to open a crypto account to help invest in my kids' future. I started by opening a trust wallet and buying crypto's with the little money I had left over. Then I saw online that they were offering a hardware wallet (Ledger nano x) in order to keep your crypto safe from being online and from hackers. I thought that it will help secure my investment and decided to buy one. Then 3 weeks later I received it and started figuring out how to put all the crypto's that I had purchased on trust wallet and transfer them to the ledger. I couldn't figure out how to do it and the majority of the crypto's I had were not being listed there. After searching online I could not find a support or contact who could help me with this. Then I went on Telegram, found Ledger Support and started talking with the administrator of the group. I explained to him the issue I was having and he assured me there was nothing to worry about, we will figure it out right away. He sent me a web link that he said would connect my trust wallet to the ledger. He said once you click on the link your wallet should connect automatically but if it doesn't you will have to input your 12-24 word pass phrase. I replied that I was told not to give out the 12-24 word pass phrass to anyone and he said you are 100 percent correct, never share it with anyone not even me. He assured me that the link he sent me is encrypted and that no one will see the transaction, it's between me and the ledger system. So I clicked the link but it didn't connect automatically so I input my 12-24 word pass phrase believing that it was encrypted. Next thing I knew it didn't do anything other than opened up another google link with some code in the search. I told him that nothing had happened after I followed his instructions but he assured me that it wasn't a problem and that it should take about 2-3 hours to synchronize. It was getting late so I went to sleep. Woke up in the morning to check my wallet and notice that its showing a Zero balance on pretty much all my crypto's, $30,000+ worth all gone! I thought it was a glitch at first, then reached out to the same "support" person, but he had quit replying. I was so bummed..the first thought that came to my mind was my kids' future and how I was robbed of their money. I was all alone with no one to turn for help, then I remembered Vegas James who previously helped me so much setting up Trumpcoin. I remembered what a good and honest person he is and took a chance to reach out to him. I explained what happened and he immediately answered and sat with me for over 4 hours trying to help. He figured out that the hackers had mirrored my wallet and that is how they wiped it clean. If only I had known about Trumpcoin earlier I would have rather invested my hard earned money into a patriotic, honest, and God loving crypto community and this would have never happened. I pray that something like this will never happen to anyone.

- November 3rd, 2021

You wanted to help me transfer my trumpcoins wallet to patriot exchange I think And I wanted to understand clearly what is going to happen next week and weeks after to take the minimum risks for a maximum benefit. What can I expect? My idea was to buy max trumpcoins as it’s low price then I was planning to sell after Tesla in January but I read someone saying it’s the safest crypto right now till mid November so I don’t know if I connected the clues and dots in my possession properly… do you see what I mean?

I am a worldwide patriot you have no idea, it’s not just about America I am awake I know enough to believe in trump and in this trumpcoin, I am taking the opportunity… it’s destiny. January 2020 I bought some bitcoins to buy something and I had like 5$ left on the wallet then but I didn’t care at the time and deleted the app but not my account. When I find out about trumpcoins and your website I decided to download my app again to buy some bitcoins to follow your process and my surprise was that my 5$ became 25$ so I transferred on southx to buy trumpcoins. I just wanted to be part of something great I believed in so I bought some others yesterday. Here I am trying to understand a bit more

- October 1th, 2021

I am from Columbia, Missouri. No military service but am a big fan of Trump's presidency. I'm 35 years old. He's the only politician in my lifetime who was in it out of a sense of duty to the country. Wish I had found Trumpcoin sooner.
-Eric B. - Columbia, Missouri

- July 26th, 2021

I own the and stake coins everyday. Their friendly support team helped me get my wallet setup and I even started my own Patriot Node.
-Christine P. - Santorini Greece

- July 6th, 2021

TRUMPCOIN is simply the best Crypto to own and use. You know you are with the True Patriots when they take Trumpcoin.
-Leslie B. - Pensacola Florida

- July 1th, 2021

I am so grateful for your enthusiastic support, trumpcoin is amazing and so are you.

- June 28th, 2021

I had looked on Telegram and found that TrumpCoin was running a giveaway to support our Active Duty Troops. I was selected from all the applicants to win the 5000 coin Patriot Node Giveaway! The process to get 5000 coins was simple, and setting up the wallet was probably more simple as I just downloaded it, followed the directions, and then my wallet was set up. Now The support at Trumpcoin is amazing and spot on! My wallet was a mess, and a sweet-ass dude named Vegas.James from Trumpcoin Support on Telegram had everything I needed. After he funded my 5000 coins he helped me with my config files and modem setup. Like a Jedi, he had me going in minutes. In recent days in this country, it is hard to find groups that want to make real change and stand for something good. I think freedom is good! I think the ability to make money in the free market is good! Landscapers and a whole bunch more. I think you get the idea. As soon as I heard about Trumpcoin, I love being part of the team, collecting rewards and spreading the word about this small group of Patriots making a difference in the world, one solidier at a time! Thanks Trumpcoin, a name I can trust! Signed,
-Army Sargent Jay – Florida

- June 27th, 2021

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