How To Buy FreedomCoin

  1. Buy Bitcoin (BTC) off any exchange (for this example, we will be using Coinbase)
    Buy BTC off any exchange
  2. Choose how much BTC you want to exchange for TrumpCoin.
  3. Create an account on This is where you will be selling your BTC for TrumpCoin. Please verify your email before you continue.
  4. In Southxchange, go to wallets. This is where you find your BTC address to deposit your BTC you purchased from the exchange.
    SouthXchange Wallets
  5. Once you’re in wallets, look for BTC. This is where we will find your deposit address.
    SouthXchange Wallets
  6. Click on "deposit" tab. Should see barcode and BTC deposit address (see exampe below). This is where you will send your BTC you bought from another exchange. *Please don’t use the address in the image below*
    SouthXchange Deposit
  7. Go back to the exchange you bought BTC from (Step 1) and withdraw (see example below).
    Withdraw funds
    Deposit / Withdraw funds
    Deposit / Withdraw funds
  8. Once you see the 'Deposit' and 'Withdraw' buttons, click the withdraw button then you should be asked to enter a 'To' and 'Note' (see example below):
    Select recipient
  9. In the 'To' field, enter your BTC wallet address from You can manually type in your address, copy and paste, or use the QR code. IMPORTANT: Please make sure the address matches before sending.
  10. If done correctly, your BTC will arrive in your wallet on
  11. To buy TrumpCoin, you have to sell your BTC in exchange for TrumpCoin
  12. Go to markets.
    Southxchange Markets
    Southxchange Markets
  13. In the market search bar type “Trump” or “TrumpCoin”. Then click on TRUMP/BTC (see example below). Southxchange Markets
  14. After clicking on TRUMP/BTC, you should see a Buy/Sell screen like shown below that shows your available BTC.
    Southxchange Buy/Sell
  15. Next, click on the “amount” box and enter the amount of TrumpCoin you want to exchange.
    Southxchange Buy/Sell TrumpCoin
    (The data in the highlighted square shows the latest price of TrumpCoin and that is what you will be buying TrumpCoin at. The price changes throughout the day.
  16. Click 'Buy TRUMP with BTC' to finalize transaction.
  17. Your coins will show up in your wallet under “TrumpCoin”
    Southxchange TrumpCoin Wallet
  18. Search for “Trump” or scroll down to find it.
    Southxchange TrumpCoin Wallets
  19. Click on your TrumpCoin wallet.
    Southxchange TrumpCoin Wallets
  20. Click on withdraw. You are going to want to download the official TrumpCoin PC wallet from After you downloaded your wallet and let your wallet sync, send your TrumpCoins you purchased from to your Official TrumpCoin wallet address
    Southxchange TrumpCoin Destination

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